Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Felicidades Lina y Carles

Así es, los primeros de la lista, les deseamos lo mejor de lo mejor. Sean felices, y les diré como escuché alguna vez. "... el amor es como los baños, hay que lavarlo de vez en cuando...", laven su amor y si necesitan maestro limpio, pues avísen!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


i love this picture, behind this landscape, we were eating bbqed leg of lamb,

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Foss dagur

Waterfall day, we saw a couple of them, but the remarkable part was canyoning, the water was cold as hell and we had to take our hiking shoes off, so I got Helgi’s shoes (kind of rubber ones, like the boots, but in shoes) because I was unable to walk bare foot over the rocks, but Oliver, Vala, Lisa and some others, were walking bare foot, ouch! Anyway we got to a point which required a little bit of precise movements, but after that we were in front of a pretty nice waterfall (foss). Then we went to the beach (Vik), where the hexagonal shape columns are. I got to see puffins, they are so bad flyers, poor guys, no wonder why they can be caught with a net, and almost any other predator eats them (including the homo erectus). We spend the night at Þakgil, in the middle of a couple of mountains bbqing inside the cave and eating some burgers, naminam!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Feliz cumpleaños

hey Andrea, pasátela muy bien...

Friday, July 15, 2005


Yes it is true, the place; Reykjavík, there, we got the chance to be in a swimming pool where suddenly a girl that looked like Björk (and actualy, was her) was there, in one of the hot pools. The nicest thing is that people respect a lot each other over here. I was tempted to get a sign or something for a friend of mine who is a fan number one, hola Julián jamás me hubiera esperado eso, then I asked the girl next to me, do you think is rude to ask her something…? and she said that it was not a good idea, so I didn’t go, also thanks Hannes, I remembered your words. Anyway, it was really nice to see that famous people can actually have a life.

Caltecas en Islandia

Today, the "banda" is complete, Let´s count the people: Hannes and Gerdur, (the main characters in the movie), Allison and Alan (the kissing couple), Vala and Oliver (the tourist guides, and the responsible people of the trip), Marta and Stephane (the sleepy couple, so far), then we have the representative team of Ireland; Denise (sorry I don't know if it is the right spelling) and Lisa, Helen (ya saben quien), and finally Guillaume and “suservilletia”, Angel. We all are sharing the same house, Hannes’ parents were so nice that they offered us the house. Thanks Helgi and Gudmunda!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


The last day in Akureyri, Bibba and Hjorleif (and Vala’s brother, but I forgot his name). We had a really good time, and some Icelandic food. Then driving back to Hafnarfjöður. Eyjo had invited us for dinner at his place, he is Hannes’ cousin and works in a fish store, the best fish store in Iceland. He grilled lobster (so much lobster) and some fish sticks. The lobster, is smaller than the one I’m used to eat, but we had at least 10 each, naminam!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

boat trip

definetely, it was a busy day. Of course, we started with the breakfast size Akureyri, followed by the boat trip (no sea-sick, uff!). Fishing, eating mussels, bird watching, and then picnic time in the xxxxx island. After that, we ate the cod that we caught, adding a little bit of love, chile!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the crack

The surprises continued, really close to Myvatn, a crack, maybe 10 [m] down, and then water, yes hot water the best natural Jacuzzi ever, just there, between those two big walls, that keep separating…

Monday, July 11, 2005


We got here on Monday around 1.00 am, Bibba (Vala's mother) prepared the hot tub for us, so as soon as we got here, the 5 of us jumped into it. The hot tub is outside and the weather is quite cold, but it is really nice to be sitting there. After getting some sleep, we went to look for a mountain to hike, so we went for a 3-4 hours hike, really cool. Then back to Hjorlei and Bibba’s house, we were starving and they made yellow-curry-salmon and rice, naminam! Tuesday, we went to Godafoss, and Myvatn where a relative of them, was a ranger of the park, we met up with she (Vala) , her friend, and their “horny” dog. They showed us the lava park, some caves, but then in the middle of nowhere, there is a crack on the ground were you can climb down about 10 m, and voila, it is kind of a river of hot water! The combination of those sharp rocks, a really clear day, some hot-clear water (aprox 42 C) was an amazing experience, you will se the pictures as soon as I get my camera cable. Today we will go on a boat trip to a island and then we will eat some fresh seafood…

rolling stones

Randomly, Oliver and Vala picked up one mountain and there we were, conquering the top of it, it had on one side the fiord of Akureyri, and a river on the other one. For the first time, I felt happy of bringing my wind-wall jacket, the fleece, the hat, waterproof pants, and the gloves. It was damn windy and cold!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


The most recurrent landscape was "lava & moss," funny combination, the sharpness of those new lava rocks with the smoothness of this old plant, it does feel like a cushion! and it's all over


Well, the batchelor party was definetely excelent, we became a little bit brutal, I guess... But we all survive, party in downtown Reykjvaík, then pizza ,and then home... Then, the sunday, Alan decided to ask Vala and Oliver if we could go with them further north, Akureyri, beauthiful place, I have to go 'cause i'm going downtown...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Despedida de Soltero...

Ja, who will know that a couple of hours after playing the acordeon in a regular family moment, tushhhh! 20 icelanders came in and the Batchelor party started.

Birthday party...

I believe that in order to know a country, one should go to one wedding and one birthday party. On saturday, we went to Gerdur's mother birthday (60 years). The cherry on top the cake is that they are three doughters who play instruments + they are all married to musicians, so the 6 of them played and sang for her, that was a pretty amaizing!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Gerdur's House

This picture was taken outside Gerdur's house; just imagine having the ocean right in front of you... The only problem is that I used to correlate the ocean with a warm day and here the temperature is about 10 [C]. By the way, I have been typing some stuff about my trip for like 30 min and the weather has changed like 3 times already, sunny then cloudy and suddenly raining (quite strong). Since this will be the last picture of the day, I went to a dinner with some friends of Hannes, we made sushi and we had a nice dinner, then I went downtown Reykjavík with Oliver and Vala� yes, pub crawling, starting at Dubliners (Irish pub), then Circus, and finally Dillon, by 3:30 am it looked like SUNSET, believe me, it was still bright, then we got something to eat and I went to sleep before I started writing a little bit about this trip.


This is Hannes' grandma, Hannes and me; we went to Gudmunda's house to get some Kaffí and Kaka.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


First contact with Iceland... i still cannot believe that I'm here, I think I did something really good in my other life in order to deserve this...


This is the white desert of Greenland, almost no imperfection on the surface? it was already more than one hour flying and still white!


Antes que nada perdon por cambiar de idioma, pero este viaje lo tengo que compartir con mucha gente, asi que sorry!
This is the view from Greenland, I couldn't believe how white it was, and of course close to the artic circle, there is light all day long... by this time i was so scared of the icelandic weather

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

3...,2...,1..., Iceland

Así es esto de la cuenta regresiva, no puedo mas que sonreir infinitamente, espero que les pueda transmitir todo lo que viva por alla, prometo mantener algo escrito de lo que recuerde (hip, hip !!) y de lo que se pueda escribir.
Islandia, cuidate que ahí te voy...