Sunday, July 24, 2016

little mexico is now in Kyoto

This is just a fantastic opportunity to be in Japan, science, food and family... well those last ones are soon to come (miss you). I have some little pictures I have been taken here and there and I figured it much better if I start writing this down since my memory is not the best gift I have.

First the arriving, it was very weird to get her and declare that I had food and drinks, they very kindly check what I had and asked me again if I had any drugs.. so no, no drugs. Then my misunderstanding in the middle of very many e-mails how was I supposed to get to Kyoto Campus and this was a bit hard.  I though there would be a driver with a sign for me... this did not happened so I waited and called and waited and finally after several e-mails with Adi-san I was able to figure that I was supposed to go to the boot and there was a reservation for me. I was so happy my name was actually there and we started driving towards the campus where Adi was waiting for me with my new apartment.
At first impression it was very much like going back to grad-school, getting to a new place new apartment getting lost here and there. I will just post this as it is, or i will no post anything later...