Thursday, March 17, 2016

febrero loco ... marzo otro poco

Now I could say this is kinda real, not an easy week for alita and me, neither for the little mounstritos.  What was supposed to be a nice bike race turned into a bloody crash, to be honest I want to blame that stupid girl and guy that were never helping on the pack but sure, few kilometres from the end, the wanted to win.. not sure what were they looking to win, the main pack had already left. About 2 meters from me and riding at about 40 km/h... bam! two bikers down to the floor and nothing to be done I was number 4 on falling then a bike over me, then more down. Among the confusion I was just up and about to keep riding (I had watched too much TV and I was waiting for the car to come with my other bike) people around me told me that I shall not ride, my leg had a big cut and it was a bit white, so they thought I had a broken bone. Sure I got a bit scared, then questions about my head: "Is your head ok? I think I hit you with my pedal", one girl said. I checked my helmet and sure, broken one... At least one less injury. I sat on the road and looked at my wounds then the federal police came and cleaned me with H2O2 and almost didn't hurt. I still can taste the flavour of adrenaline, I was so pumped and at the same time so out of it. I called alita and she talked to me, I cannot remember what did she said, I sat there for very long time. My good colombian friend and aaron were there with me all the time, someone helped us with the bike and finally the ambulance came, they looked at it and stitched me with no anestesia. It was crazy painful and this was THE BIG mistake. I should have gone to a hospital for proper cleaning and proper care with antibiotics. The chain of bad luck continued... then driving back, road closed, we got a flat, we were stopped by a crazy accident, made it home barely on time for my next flight and just like that I left. I was fine, just until the last day, just about to fly back a crazy pain on my leg. The infection had kicked in, it was very bad, very painful and almost impossible for me to walk. I made it home and went to ISSSTE, worst decision ever, they just told me off and sent me home with two pills. I couldn't help it and the pain was unbearable, I had fever and I went to another hospital. Poor little ones also just the night before they had gone through the worst nightmare kids could have, got robbed with her mom, it is just a horrible feeling, I had gone thru it several times and I feel that heavy weight on my shoulders, the feeling that they had taken you away the opportunity to relax, now is never the same you will never be the same. The worst was the little fonsi "I thought they were going to kill mom" that to me was a killer, just thinking about that makes me cry again and again... He should never think that, frifri should never think is bad to go out at night. They had stollen more than just money. I don't want to live here no more. And just when things could not get worst, I got in the hospital and they talked to me about necrosis and very scary stuff, I was really afraid, I saw the possibility they could chop off my leg. Then lots of medicine lots of stuff and finally got better but poor alita, she had to go thru all that on her own, so strong she is, so impressively strong. Sorry amor, I wish it was all better. After a week and with a tragic end with stupid Conacyt I am back, back to work, sad that systems are too square and they could always fail with no explanation but once an individual with a lot of things going on with their lives they cannot show empathy. Too sad for all of you, I just hope you are never on my shoes, cause it really sucks to feel like this. So for this past weeks I would love to say that I am not very happy with my country, it is a very fucked up country. Sorry for the good people that live here, sorry for them, but really remember that our country has never been doing good and it is dangerous to extrapolate but I really think it would never do well. It would always be the balance between confort and complain, cause is comfortable not to follow rules and it is easy to complain. Once we are ready to give up some confort and complain less but propose more we might be able to get out of the hole. 


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