Thursday, April 26, 2012

sunspots vs hurricanes

I have to admit I do not believe on number of sunspots correlation with the occurrence of these phenomena like tropical storms and/or hurricanes, I took time series of total number of sunspots and compared them with the number of storms on both sides of Mexico (this is the place of study) Atlantic and Pacific. The blue solid line is the annual average of sunspots and the doted blue line is the monthly average. The red line corresponds to yearly number of storms on the Pacific side (Eastern Pacific) and the black solid line to the yearly number of storms on the Atlantic. The number of storms has been multiplied by 10 to compare the scales since I didn't use a two axis plot (a bit lazy).  I could not find a correlation between sunspot maxima and the number of storms neither on the Pacific nor the Atlantic, I might be a bit blind but cannot see a relationship.


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