Monday, January 04, 2016

Gaspar siempre se enferma porque se cae de la tabla....

This is what my kids are talking as I write this right in front of me. Gaspar always gets sick always falls off the board. They are writing the typical letter to the tres reyes magos that are suppose to bring gifts on the night of the 5th. Alfonso has drawn the 3 of them and added the virgin Mary (Guadalupana) because he wanted that the 3 men will give rings and crowns to her. But coming back to the health of those 3 men, turns out that Baltazar never gets sick and he always bring gifts. I should have known this before when I was a kid but clearly I was not in the same wave. 
Fonsi wants them to give him a tablet a penguin game and a Java from StarWars, they firmly believe that each of them brings a gift that is why the request only 3. Frifri wants a nintendo with some games, a tablet and a the crayola painting!!! This is quite crazy that they both want to have some tablet... we are so geeky that they want to be just like us :P
Good times to see them talking to each other about what could be added in the card and all the theories they have, it really reminds me of my imagination and I love it!


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